1st May heralds a major change in public transport in Germany: the introduction of the Deutschlandticket. I’ve explained where to buy it before – but that’s quite simple.

What about where it’s valid? That’s more complex. And the way I explain complexity? With diagrams of course!

All the versions of my Deutschlandticket diagrams – in both PNG and PDF format, and the draw.io XML – will always be uploaded here: https://jonworth.eu/deutschlandticket/

Links to the latest versions: EN, PDF | EN, PNG | DE, PDF | DE, PNG

Here are the latest versions – in English and in German. Click to expand.


  1. Here is another nice overview of where to buy the ticket, and in which form (chip card, app, etc.), and some discussion where it is valid and where not: https://gist.github.com/rena2019/a2d32769a685ed26c3e3b3bbfe151859

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  3. Torsten Liebig

    Also in Baden-Württemberg fahren sowohl Züge mit dem Kürzel MEX als auch mit dem Kürzel IRE im Nahverkehr und sind selbstverständlich mit dem Deutschlandticket nutzbar.

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