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First it was Berlin, then Hamburg, now Köln – #CGNBritsBrexit

First it was #BERBritsBrexit. Then #HHBritsBrexit. And now we’re organising the next in the series of events about the impact of Brexit on Brits in Germany to Köln on 18th May. Together with local organiser Tobias Flessenkemper, we’ll be discussing: What’s likely to happen – will the UK leave? What […]


A rail postcard from Köln

Dear Violeta, It’s only a week or so since I wrote the last postcard to you. That one didn’t receive a response – perhaps you were too busy talking to the rail industry, rather than thinking of passengers’ needs? Anyway, today at Köln Hbf things went spectacularly wrong as happens […]


The World’s 11 Coolest Train Stations – JW version

Huffington Post has a piece listing The World’s 11 Coolest Train Stations. Problem is I’m rather unconvinced by their choice, as is @christianwolmar. So here’s my own choice of 11 stations – and I have been to all of these. Perhaps these are not as cool as HuffPost’s, but they are […]