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Fixing France’s railways – what would I do?

This morning I gave a presentation about solving the problems of Europe’s railways at an event organised by BEUC and hosted by UFC Que Choisir in Paris. Plenty of the debate centred on the problems of rail in France (and Spain) I documented during my #CrossBorderRail project. “Have you ever […]


European railways and the implementation gap

I was recording an episode of the Human Risk podcast with Christian Hunt this week – basically about humans and railways – and the conversation came back to what I think I ought to call the implementation gap in railway policy. “When I moved to M√ľnchen“, Christian was telling me, […]


I need your help: crowdfunding #CrossBorderRail

A year ago I concluded I could no longer continue to dedicate my political energy on (post-)Brexit questions, and instead would focus on sustainable transport and railways. In the past year I have managed to be reasonably successful at that – my small campaign Trains for Europe has found its […]