Plane FogI’m sat writing this at Stockholm Arlanda airport; I’m stranded here all day today as my flight to London was cancelled due to a technical fault with the aircraft. It’s my last visit to Stockholm for some time, and I will not be flying anywhere for the next 10 weeks – quite a relief. Yet as the autumn fog swirls across the airport outside, so a kind of foggy confusion reigns in my own mind.

I still have the same job and live in the same city, but other than that the next few weeks are quite a blur. Helena will move from Stockholm to London on Thursday, I’m out of my flatshare and into a new flat in Walworth and have already had problems of a water leak in the first week there. Politically I am leaving Vauxhall and Kate Hoey’s mad brand of politics behind me, but will Harriet Harman and Camberwell & Peckham Constituency give any more joy? Might I manage to finally make a breakthrough and so some decent website or communications work for the Labour Party? Or am I just going to be resigned to fixing servers for obscure NGOs based in Berlin?

Who knows how all of the next few months will go. Being used to a full diary, and a full travel schedule, it’s bizarre to face the next few weeks without any plan more advanced than spending each day in the office.

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  1. Laurent


    Sorry the Social Democrats lost in Swedden. I know you worked hard on the campaign and losing an elections is always very tough.

    Best of luck with the relocation in Walworth. Come and visit us and the new baby in Streatham sometimes.


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