Baisil Preston bagIt’s been a long search (see this post for all the links), but I reckon I have now managed to find the best cycle pannier bag anywhere in Europe – the Basil Preston office bag, aubergine. I don’t think the picture here really does it justice. Basil is a Dutch firm and this bag is a work of engineering genius – the clips to attach it to your bike are zipped behind a pouch, there’s a built in rain cover and lock, and the entire bag is well built and solid. It looks very reasonable, is padded enough to defend a laptop, and it’s presentable enough to turn up with at a business meeting. It cost me €50 from Trendy Stores who ship only to Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. TweeMobil sell them in the Netherlands, while Bikefix in the UK sells them for a hefty markup – £60. For loads of bike discussions have a look at meandmybicycle.

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