I was posed a challenge on Twitter by @airport_one if I could pen a similar post to the one about rail stations about airports instead. This is a bit of a challenge as I don’t travel as often by air as I do by rail, and one of the reasons is because I find airports awful and poorly designed places. But anyway, undaunted, here is how an ultimate airport would be.

It would have the architecture of Heathrow Terminal 5. It would have the fast security checks of London City. The general ambience of Stockholm Arlanda. The modern art of Oslo Gardemoen. The shopping and connections to the city of Copenhagen Kastrup. The short walk to the gates of Berlin Tegel. The cleanliness of the toilets of Singapore. The rundown bizarreness of Altenburg. The order, peace and quiet of München. The onward rail connections of Frankfurt/Main. The flight approach of Rijeka.


  1. Hmm. Always puts me in mind of first sentence of Douglas Adams’s “Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul”…

  2. Copenhagen definitely the nicest to get delayed in. For the connoissieur I would also add the second-hand bookstore of Milwaukee’s General Mitchel International Airport.

  3. Does this include all the industrial action at Frankfurt??

  4. William

    Congratulations for a post about airports whose comments section hasn’t degenerated into a whingefest!

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