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My top, erm, coolest airports…

I was posed a challenge on Twitter by @airport_one if I could pen a similar post to the one about rail stations about airports instead. This is a bit of a challenge as I don’t travel as often by air as I do by rail, and one of the reasons […]

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The ideal airport

There has been masses of discussion in the last few days in the UK media about airport security in light of a failed attempt to blow up a transatlantic airliner. The UK and US have been jumping to come up with more technological solutions to the problems of airport security. […]


New iris technology and a delightfully old-fashioned airline

Seems quite rare, but I actually have some positive experiences to report when flying! I have just flown to and from Bucharest with TAROM, it was really quite passable. A cooked meal is served, even in economy, and it looks like a small company in Romania manufactured everything; no Gategourmet […]