TAROM 737Seems quite rare, but I actually have some positive experiences to report when flying! I have just flown to and from Bucharest with TAROM, it was really quite passable. A cooked meal is served, even in economy, and it looks like a small company in Romania manufactured everything; no Gategourmet packaging here. The hostesses seem to not have been to some fake-smile training course. The plane was even a reasonably modern Boeing 737-700.

LHR was also quite reasonable – plenty of staff at security, so no long queues even with the new ludicrous security procedures. Then after check in I have finally managed to register for the Iris-Scanning system; this allows an automated check upon return to the UK, rather that queuing at passport check. Basically you walk into a booth, stare at the machine, and on you go. Upon returning to Heathrow, you walk into a booth, stare at the screen, your eyes are checked and on you go. Perfect. No queues!

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  1. sebastian

    Once everyone will be forced to undergo an Iris-Scan the queuing problem will just be the same as with passport checks. You should ask yourself whether it is just for reasons of speeding things up on airports, why governments are keen on gathering as much biometric data as possible…
    Consider this:
    Facial scan, finger prints, iris scan together with your relevant personal details, all on an RFID-Chip, ubiquitous CCTV etc. 1984 here we go…

  2. Hell, we’ve already got most of it with biometrics anyway! I’ve given up any hope that the state will not know things about me – I work as a civil servant anyway… But most of the draconian measures are idiotic and make life complex. Iris scanning – at least for the moment – makes my life better and hence OK with it.

  3. Emmanuel

    yes… until the UK turns into a “V for Vendeta” type of country. Then it will be too late to regret the good old times when all those violations of private life “made your life better”…

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