Shock horror! Tube and bus fares in London are going up again. Oh, no, they are not actually. Everyone has been ranting today that a Zone 1 tube fare will hit ??3 for a single – more than 3 times as much as Paris. But on the other hand, make that journey with a pre-paid Oyster card and it will cost you just ??1.50. You don’t have to pay for the card, and have to just put ??5 credit on it. So there’s nothing to stop even tourists getting a card.

The same applies to bus fares – ??1.50 without Oyster, ??1 with. So all in all this is Ken Livingstone once more being very strong in his policies for London transport – Oyster is better than cash, it’s quicker and more efficient, and London’s buses and tube need every efficiency saving they can get.

So congratulations once more to Ken – it might look an unpopular policy, but let’s move beyond paper tickets alltogether. Oyster for all UK public transport anyone?

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