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My top, erm, coolest airports…

I was posed a challenge on Twitter by @airport_one if I could pen a similar post to the one about rail stations about airports instead. This is a bit of a challenge as I don’t travel as often by air as I do by rail, and one of the reasons […]


In the grip of Star Alliance

‘Breakfast?’ Breakfast. What. Just about off to sleep in a tiny Air Canada seat. Airbus A330-300, modern, very little space. Grumpy staff. It’s morning. Sun over Scotland somewhere. In flight maps not working – what good is that for the son of a geographer? Get a second breakfast from passenger […]


Body Mass Index airline seat pricing

An article at Boing Boing caught my eye today – that United Airlines wants to charge obese passengers for two seats. The argument is a simple one: if you’re too large to fit into a seat you have to pay for a second one as you are inconveniencing the person […]