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Eurostar rebrands – suppose I’ll get used to it

So my favourite rail service – Eurostar – is being rebranded. The old E* logo, in use from the start of the service in the mid-1990s, is to be replaced with a silver 3D logo, dark blue background and a yellow caps sans serif font. There is also an adaption […]

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No Eurostar for Stratford International – good

Scandal! The new Stratford International station might well not have any international trains stopping there. Among others the Mayor of Newham and investors building a shopping centre at Stratford are up in arms, as reported by the Evening Standard. Actually it’s no scandal. It’s just sensible. And I say this […]

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Maybe Eurostar needed divine intervention?

In some weird transport / religion crossover an online magazine called Communicate Jesus has done a write-up on the Eurostar mess and has linked to my post about the issue. Seems they did not notice the Atheist Bus banner in my sidebar 🙂 Their article is entitled ‘Important lesson from […]