So my favourite rail service – Eurostar – is being rebranded. The old E* logo, in use from the start of the service in the mid-1990s, is to be replaced with a silver 3D logo, dark blue background and a yellow caps sans serif font.

There is also an adaption of the font to be used across Eurostar’s publicity material, with long tails on letters – more on this from Logobird here.

The logo reminds me a bit of the TGV logo (humour about that logo here). I’m also surprised that blue seems to be back, as the new Eurostar e320 train used dark grey and yellow instead.

The new logo is going to be used most often printed flat – on signs, on the side of trains – and not in 3D environments. As a result I’m broadly unimpressed, although I suppose I’ll get used to it.

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  1. I like that idea! 3D emblem on the front of trains… If not that, then somehow in the trains? Door handles on the inside doors?

  2. Adrian Hiel

    My overall reaction is a bit of a shrug. It’s nothing to get too excited about. The previous grey logo does look tired indeed and needed a change. I’m not sure this is the best one available but it’s certainly not the worst. The 3D element of the logo makes me a little queasy when presented on a flat surface. Now the full 3D model that Logobird has a photo of – that is impressive and ambitious. Too bad it can’t be placed on the front of the trains like a Rolls-Royce emblem.

  3. Tom Miller

    It’s rubbish. 3D has no place in logo design. Except the odd simple, geometric shape.

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