Feeling bad about being right

I’ve mentioned the problems with the Stansted Express train in this blog before… If you arrive at Stansted late on a Sunday evening, it is impossible to connect with the last Victoria Line underground service going southbound. Unfortunately, the staff in the train insist that connections are indeed possible and[Read More…]

Bag on the bus

Some of the signs displayed in the London Underground rightly state that the best way to get to grips with a terrorist threat is for every individual to be vigilant and to look out for left luggage etc. But the question now in my mind is whether the people of[Read More…]

Cyclists & red traffic lights

It’s one of the most infuriating things about cycling in London: the behaviour of other cyclists, and specifically their tendency to completely ignore red traffic lights. I stumbled across this entry at the Black Triangle blog about this matter. The author – Anthony Cox – is opposed to a cycle[Read More…]

Deception on the way to Stockholm

OK, travelling with budget airlines is never pleasant. But yesterday on the way to Stockholm it made me really angry. First of all the bus – the Green Line 757 service from London Victoria to Luton Airport. I get on the bus and ask for a return to Luton, and[Read More…]

Bus etiquette

It was almost exactly a year ago when I was shouted at on a bus in Brussels for not having left my seat in favour of a pensioner. I was in the wrong then and had not really been concentrating. Since then I have aimed to pay the utmost attention[Read More…]

No to scanners at railway stations

What a ludicrous idea. The government has announced that it is going to start a pilot to install bag-scanners in some railway stations, starting with Heathrow Express departures from Paddington – see this from the BBC. Now, UK railway stations are already crowded enough with the cumbersome ticket barriers that[Read More…]

A small good deed in Lambeth

When cycling home this evening from Waterloo towards Clapham, it soon became clear there was a major problem – no traffic southbound from Lambeth Bridge all the way to the Vauxhall Cross roundabout. Turned out there had been an accident there – quite serious, and apparently a fatality according to[Read More…]

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