I was commissioned by Jakop Dalunde, MEP from Miljöpartiet de gröna (Greens/EFA), to write a report about the ongoing challenges to fix multimodal and especially railway ticketing problems EU-wide.

The report – entitled “Simplifying European Ticketing – A chance for a green transformation of public and multimodal transport in the European Union” is available in 3 versions:

The European Commission was supposed to have published a proposal for a Multimodal Digital Services Regulation (MDMS) in autumn 2023, but did not, but the problems do not go away. The report takes a step back and analyses the complete picture – both multi-mode, and multiple operators within the same mode. 6 detailed case studies underline each of the problems, showing the practical and everyday problems to be overcome.

Jakop Dalunde MEP will also be hosting a hybrid event on 30th April 10:00-11:30 about the report. I will summarise what is in the report, and then Robin Loos (Senior Sustainable Transport Officer, Deputy Head of Sustainability, BEUC), Chiara Tomasi (Head of government relations in Brussels, Trainline), Victor Thévenet (Rail Policy Manager, Transport and Environment) and Delphine Grandsart (Senior researcher, European Passenger Federation) will give their views. If you would like to attend the event in person (it is in room A5E1 of the European Parliament in Brussels), please fill in this form. To follow the live stream, click this Webex link at the time of the meeting. And of course questions before or after – either as comments here, or on social media, are very welcome!

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