I was on it – the first ever 0805 Eurostar train from Brussels Midi to London St Pancras International on 15th November, the 2nd day of operation of the new high speed line. The line itself is relatively unexciting – a quick dip in a tunnel under the Thames at Ebbsfleet, a scoot through Dagenham, and then into a tunnel between Barking and St Pancras. The station itself is fabulous, as these pictures show.

Eurostar at St Pancras, 15th November

Roof and Eurostar

Eurostar arrives at St Pancras


  1. Just to mentioning the amazing new travel time: You can now get from Brussels to London in 1 hour 51 minutes, which is about half an hour less than before.

  2. Did you see any cycling protestors? http://www.lcc.org.uk/index.asp?PageID=1030

  3. The station is great, and the high-speed line also. Can’t wait to use it myself! We just need more of them: A high-speed line or better, a VacTrain, from London to Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow would surely cut the transport problems of this island considerably, especially if one could take one’s car or lorry too?!

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