HÃ¥kan and LarsA whole bunch of Helena‘s relatives are here in Åre this evening, and the kids are playing with a London Underground jigsaw puzzle. This led us on to a discussion about the underground and 2 mad Swedes that presently hold the record for the quickest journey to all of the stations on the system. They are Håkan Wolgö and Lars Andersson (pictured, website here). It turns out that there is a whole website dedicated to the challenge of visiting all the stations on the underground, including some weird pages about the history of the challenge and the rules involved.

Now while this all sounds utterly ludicrous, what better idea that to do the reverse: set up a website dedicated to the Stockholm underground and set a challenge to visit all of its stations, plus those of the Pendeltåg, Roslagsbanan, Saltsjöbanan, Tvärbanan, Nockebybanan, Lidingöbanan and Djurgården tram line. And, most importantly, I should set the first record as a Brit. Plus we would need some ludicrous rules for the challenge, such as a ban on the consumption of Kanelbulle throughout the journey.

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