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Germany’s 49 Euro Ticket – a FAQ

My Mastodon and Twitter feeds have been full of people asking about how Germany’s new 49 Euro public transport ticket is going to work. So here in this post I will try to give answers to all the frequently asked questions about the ticket! All of this is correct as […]


Villo! + MOBIB = 6 months of free cycling in Brussels

I recently saw an advert in the Brussels Metro offering 6 months of free membership of the Villo! cycle share scheme. At the time of writing this offer is valid for the next 3 weeks (until the end of September 2014), but may be repeated. Villo! is the communal hire bike […]

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Brussels STIB and public space rage

A pedestrian bumps into another pedestrian who is blocking the pavement. The pedestrian gets a wet foot from a loose paving stone and clambers over bags of rubbish on the way to the Métro. The same person takes the Métro, and when leaving the train at Gare du Midi he […]