Demano bagI’ve just spent a week in Berlin where plenty of people had Freitag bags – made by a firm in Zürich from recycled tarpaulin and other things. The firm started by making bags for cycle couriers, but those are no good really for commuters – I need a pannier bag that can double as a work and laptop bag. Sandqvist in Sweden also do not offer anything, and I own one of their satchels. The solution? Internet searches have come up with Demano – a firm in Barcelona that makes bags from cultural banners. The picture shown, called Ciutadella, is a cycle pannier made from re-used banners from cultural events – looks really cool. I’ll order one this autumn to replace my rather unstylish Carradice cycle bag – I have to arrive at my web meetings looking reasonably respectable after all!

Demano have not replied to my e-mail, and their online store is not working. So what other options are there for panniers? Essentially it’s only that I want – I don’t want to arrive at meetings with a sweaty back. So here are a few more options…

Altura Urban Briefcase 17 – £60
Altura Urban Briefcase 15 – £50
Deuter Essential Bike – £55
Ortlieb Single Office Bag – £70
Ortlieb Hard Shell Office Bag – £118
J&D Commuter Briefcase Pannier – $100
Metro Trunk Case – $70
Arkel Commuter Bag – $149
Rixen & Kaul Klickfix Office Schwarz €100 (more here)
Vaude Freiburg – €69
Vaude Münster – €60

Of these the Metro Trunk Case looks the better bet. Bit dull in comparison to the Demano one above, but might be OK – if I can get one in the UK…

I’ve now been informed by Demano that their pannier bags are not being produced currently. 🙁 I’ve also found some more bike bags – from Creek2Peak and Agu – see this link. I still can’t find anything really good though.

This damned search! Once I’ve started to embark on something like this I never stop. What about the Dutch I thought. They are stylish and cycle a lot. So in went ‘Fietstassen’ in a search, and I came across this blog entry about ‘Fashionable Fietstassen’. Via that site, I’ve now – I think – discovered what I want. Basil Cycle Bags, made in Netherlands, are stylish and also a decent price. Their Preston Officebag, a stylish satchel-pannier, is €44.95 in Holland, and the only stock I can find in the UK is £60! So much for the European single market. Reckon I’ll just wait until I live in Belgium and order it from TrendyStores.

Basil did prove to be the solution – see this post.

For more discussions about all things bike related try MeAndMyBicycle – I’m sure they have even more options for stylish panniers.


  1. Have a look at this site. They have an animation that shows how it works…

  2. Marianne

    How do you fix those on your bike Jon?
    they look great indeed.

  3. OK, so they don’t do panniers (yet) but Cyclus (a French firm) make great bags out of recycled lorry inner tubes. The bags are made in Columbia through a fair trade agreement and the people who run the firm are great:

  4. Can also get them in the UK from check out the new designs for this year.

  5. jessica

    I got my pannier at, its a great website with plenty of accessories for bikes!

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