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A rail postcard from Aachen

Dear Violeta, Today I am writing to you from Aachen, and I am not here for the Christmas Market. I am here because I am stuck due to the immense incompetence of European railways and the lack of basic collaboration between them in the interests of passengers. This story is going […]


The 10 laws of Brexit

Trying to talk to someone in the UK about Brexit? Don’t contradict the laws of Brexit! Brexit means Brexit The British are never to blame for Brexit or any of its consequences Anyone seeing any problem with Brexit is talking the country down Giving any detail about Brexit shall be ruled […]


Short term anti-Brexit tactics: just oppose, oppose, oppose

I am often confronted with the line of argument that because something or other may or may not happen sometime into the foggy future, opposing Brexit is hopeless now. A Twitter conversation with Rachel Heyburn and A C Grayling this morning was a case in point. Now I am always someone who wants […]


Leave constituencies, Remain MPs? It’s more complex than that

“Brave MPs” was how Guido Fawkes described the 6 Members of Parliament who represent constituencies that nominally voted Leave in the referendum, but who voted against the opposition motion* in the House of Commons this week that supported the government’s Brexit timetable and demanded a Brexit plan from the government […]


The Brexit debate – flailing around in a pool of shit

Imagine you have just been thrown into a tank at a sewage treatment plant. It reeks like hell, you have nothing solid to grip, and you’re flailing around madly trying to grasp something firm to hold onto, but you never manage. That’s what it has felt like to try to […]

EU Politics

The case for the ideological defence

My earlier post about immigration in the UK and Labour’s response to it prompted this reply from Rob Ford at the University of Manchester: At one level this is right – my post does not propose any reform of immigration rules as part of the solution. But this then started […]