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Why you should buy a bike trailer for cargo

In 2009 I asked my parents to buy me a bicycle trailer as a birthday present. It was a Croozer Cargo, original 2003-2013 model (no longer manufactured, but you can find the manual for it as a PDF here), and cost £160 back then (about €200). Looking back little could […]

UK Politics

A proposal for Keir Starmer: make politics simple

Does Keir Starmer think Ministers should act legally? We don’t really know. Apparently the public do not think politicians should ask for other politicians’ heads during a health crisis, so that’s Labour’s line: Sir Keir Starmer says he will not be calling for Matt Hancock to resign over the unlawful […]


Europatakt – a vision for EU-wide rail?

I have set foot in the Swiss town of Biel/Bienne more often than I care to remember, and for strictly 6 minutes each time. For that is where the Basel SBB-Lausanne InterCity train crosses the Zürich HB-Genève service, and as my trips are always Basel SBB – Genève, that’s where […]

UK Politics

The Labour Party, the Union Flag, and patriotism

Ah. Here we ago again. “Leak reveals Labour plan to focus on flag and patriotism to win back voters“. And the reactions are pretty predictable too – Clive Lewis MP expresses caution, Ian Dunt tries to separate patriotism from nationalism, Sunder Katwala puts up pictures of Labour leaders with union […]


A little lockdown project: Brexit Geoguessr

My father was a geography teacher, my mother also a geography graduate, and I grew up with a map in my hand. Years ago I discovered a little game called Geoguessr that used Google Maps and Google Street View and turned them into a game – you used whatever you […]