14064040656_20bdac36c6_zToday has been a bit of a step into the unknown. I was a guest on the Deutschlandradio Kultur show “Wortwechsel” that was recorded at lunchtime and will be broadcast tonight between 1907 and 2000. The programme will be available live here. It’s the first time I have ever been the guest on a radio show (I’ve done some radio interviews before), and to try to do this in my second language is a bit of a challenge. I dread to think how bad my grammar was…

The title of the programme was “Schleppender Europawahlkampf, niedrige Wahlbeteiligung – Haben die Parteien keine zündenden Ideen?” and my fellow panellists were Dr. Raphael Bossong (Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frakfurt(Oder)), Dr. Andrea Despot (stellv. Leiterin der Europäischen Akademie Berlin), Lisi Maier (Vorsitzende des Deutschen Bundesjugendrings (DBJR)) and Vincent Venus (@VinVenus Twitter) (Stellvertretender Bundesvorsitzender der Jungen Europäischen Föderalisten Deutschland (JEF)).

Anyway, while the show is being broadcast I will be debate and discuss the programme on Twitter using the tag ‪#‎Wortwechsel‬. Do join in the discussion there!

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