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EU Politics

Vote at #EP2014, 22-25 May 2014. A selection of videos.

Never Forget to Vote From the youth movement of the Swedish Social Democrats, SSU . Voteman The Danish Parliament’s official EP election film that was taken down, and hence I re-post someone else’s upload here . Choose Who’s In Charge Official EP election film I’ll leave you to decide which […]


An odd selection of classic Youtube

A few things I’ve come across recently and thought I should share… A couple of these are thanks to Bente Kalsnes who always has a knack to find excellent things! 1. Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us RSA animation about personal motivations. This is brilliant, and well worth […]

EU Politics

Political videos so bad they make you squirm

First up, Germany’s new European Commissioner Günter Oettinger. He says in German that English is vital for German people to speak, and then he goes on to speak absolutely dire English: This terrible, terrible song was put out by the youth of the UMP, the party of Nicolas Sarkozy, featuring […]

EU Politics

Some examples of the power of Youtube

In the presentations I make about the impact of the internet on politics and society, Youtube often gets a mention. Although not all explicitly political, these are 4 of my favourites. Think of what you could do with some inspiration like this… Dave Carroll, the singer in the first one, […]