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How to work with a web design freelancer

I have been working freelance for more than 4 years now. Yet many of the same difficulties keep on appearing. So here’s my slightly tongue-in-cheek guide about how to work with me, to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Ethical offsetting

A good friend of mine works for GAIA / No Burn, an organisation that makes the case for alternatives to incinerating waste. The problem is that for his work my friend there has to fly all over this place – this year already to California and The Philippines – all […]


2 interesting NGO web tasks – your ideas please!

In Brussels Bente Kalsnes (bentekalsnes.wordpress.com) and I have been brainstorming projects for a campaign for a nordic NGO. We have some fun ideas, we have some funding, we have very little time, and we need help! We have 2 specific programming tasks that need to be completed by 6th March […]