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Avanti Europe – a European version of change.org or Avaaz?

A bunch of committed Europeans – Green MEPs Franziska Brantner and Sven Giegold, and Thomas Houdaille, Charlotte Keup, Virginia Mucchi and Spyros Michailidis – have launched a new website called Avanti Europe. It essentially looks like some sort of European version of Avaaz, 38 Degrees or Change.org only, unlike those sites, […]

EU Politics

Commissioners on Twitter: how are they doing?

The European Commission, and Commissioners themselves, have progressively taken to Twitter over the past couple of years as a way of communicating with (at?) EU citizens. So how are they doing? This blog entry gives a quick summary. My starting point is that a good Twitter account is an engaging […]


Celebrity and Twitter

What is Twitter? Is it a network between (for want of a better word) ‘ordinary’ people like me? Or is it a spotlight into the lives of the rich and famous, with Twitter the means for these people to transmit their messages? If you read mainstream media coverage of the […]


Social Network friend/connection/follow criteria

My presence on various social networks was getting rather out of hand, so I’ve had to work out a rule of thumb as to who to add on each network. Here are my conclusions – comments most welcome! Facebook – I’ll accept friend requests from anyone I’ve met and – if […]