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Now we have proof: Richard Howitt is the most manically active MEP

When he’s not getting turfed out of Dale Farm, Labour MEP Richard Howitt seems to also be the most active of Labour’s MEPs in the European Parliament, at least thanks to one measure discovered using open data from Ron Patz.

The image below shows MEPs according to how many Intergroups in the EP they belong to, with only MEPs belonging to 2 or more groups shown. Intergroups are get-togethers of MEPs to talk about issues of interest the bridge across the political spectrum (the UK equivalents are All Party Groups), although the links on the diagram below show that the Tories (in black) are rather separate from the rest.

Of course this is far from a perfect measure of the level of activity of a MEP, but it does give some impression of the number of causes a politician is actively trying to represent in the EP. Full details of the data can be found at Ron’s blog.