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The London plan

I loose track who I’ve told and who has just heard earlier stages of the plan… so here’s an explanation about my imminent move to London. Essentially for the last 6 months I have been wondering whether to move. After 3 years based predominantly in Brussels I felt it was […]

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London: the question’s when, not if

I’ve known for a while that I needed to move away from Brussels. I even tried to crowdsource some answers about where to move. But now my mind is made up – London it will be, from sometime later this year. I don’t know quite when yet, and I equally […]

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Britain’s 6 election regions

This is not a post about election systems. It is a post about the pattern of election results in the UK general election on 6th May 2010. The thinking here is still rather vague, but I think there’s something to it. The best that UK political commentators ever seem to […]


In the grip of Star Alliance

‘Breakfast?’ Breakfast. What. Just about off to sleep in a tiny Air Canada seat. Airbus A330-300, modern, very little space. Grumpy staff. It’s morning. Sun over Scotland somewhere. In flight maps not working – what good is that for the son of a geographer? Get a second breakfast from passenger […]

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G20: the ultimate postmodern fudge

The seating order at the pre-summit dinner is vital (Indonesia and South Korea should be especially happy apparently), the UK is gripped by Michelle Obama’s dresses and the fact she towers over the queen and Barack gave the queen an iPod. In the meantime all the sherpas are beavering away […]


Southwark Council Tax stupidity strikes again

It took me months and months to arrange the payment of Council Tax at the flat I’ve lived in since 8th September 2006 in Southwark. I’ve blogged about the problems before. But by February I thought I had managed to fix everything – make my 2006 payment in one go, […]