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2019 UK General Election Tactical Voting Guide

Want a simple guide as to how to vote tactically? Try the new Tactical Vote Diagram! You can download high res PDFs and PNGs of this diagram here. Text continues below the diagram.   ⚠️ This is Version 4 of this post, re-written to make it all clearer to read. […]


The Brexit debate – flailing around in a pool of shit

Imagine you have just been thrown into a tank at a sewage treatment plant. It reeks like hell, you have nothing solid to grip, and you’re flailing around madly trying to grasp something firm to hold onto, but you never manage. That’s what it has felt like to try to […]

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The EU and mobile phone / 3G data roaming

I have respect for the UK blog Political Betting – I never bet on anything, but I like Mike Smithson’s rigourous analysis of odds. However when it comes to anything to do with the European Union reason and rigour seem to go out of the window. Take his recent rant […]