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Popo Posselt and Bavarian electoral absurdities

München is in the middle of the election fever campaign for 7th June European elections and this has prompted a whole load of parties to come up with their election posters. Foremost among them is the CSU, in danger of not polling 5% of the votes nationally in Germany and […]

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Anti-Barroso forces becoming more vocal

It’s pleasing to see that there are finally some high level politicians voicing their critique of José Manuel Barroso with the determination that he should not get a second term of office as President of the European Commission. Anyone But Barroso lives! First of all the European Greens at their […]

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Åsa Westlund’s social media campaign

European Elections are now very much on the horizon and I’m happy to have been able to work with one MEP to create a campaign page – Swedish Social Democrat Åsa Westlund’s site went online this week, of course powered by Wordpress. The site brings together all of the different […]

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EU – any hope for positive surprises in 2009?

Every fifth year is decisively different for the EU: election years. And this year is one of those years. For the 40% of the population that will go to vote it’s a relatively minor event, but in Brussels itself election years are very different. MEPs try to cram a few […]