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Trespassing on the turf of the mainstream media

I’ve had the good luck to happen to be in Copenhagen today and hence to be able to attend “What Professional Journalism Means for Democracy”, run by Berlingske Media – the mainstream media group behind broadsheet Berlingske and tabloid B.T. A few of the people here – Astrid Haug and […]


Why it’s not yet time to capitulate to Facebook

Joe Litobarski wrote a post earlier today entitled “Blogs are Dead… Long Live Facebook!” Like a lot of Joe’s stuff it’s a thoughtful case, but, ultimately – in my view – wrong. Far from becoming redundant, blogs are simply changing – blogging and the mainstream media are merging (more from […]


Flattr buttons now on this blog

I’ve just heard a presentation about Flattr from Peter Sunde at #rp11, and thought it was about time I tried it out. Flattr works well in the German blogosphere already, but is basically non-existent in the UK and Brussels. Better start somewhere I suppose… although the notion that anyone would […]

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The Nordic online politics way

The diagramme above comes from an excellent report entitled “The Nordic Way” [PDF], produced by Swedish think tank Global Utmaning, and linked from this Bagehot piece about the Nordic countries. The paper itself is worth a read, although take it with a small pinch of salt as it presents a […]

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London’s multitude of events means I go nowhere

In Brussels it’s reasonably easy. There I was (and indeed still am) the EU politics blogger nerd. So if there are events and conferences to attend I go to ones about EU politics on the web first and foremost. Then I will go to ones about institutional reform or centre […]

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What’s the point of #NetrootsUK?

We’re half way through Netroots UK, and I am struggling with this event a bit. Here are a few tweets that raise some of the important questions: Very good question. RT @jvictor7: What's #netrootsuk all about?? — Dave Briggs (@davebriggs) January 8, 2011 Is #netrootsuk just a dress rehearsal for […]

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Orwell Prize ego-trip

Having seen that Phil at A Very Public Sociologist has thrown his hat into the ring for The Orwell Prize 2011 for bloggers, I’ve decided to do the same – it’s a self-nominating prize. Info here. I’ve been at this blogging lark for more than 5 years now and maybe […]