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Berlin Hohenschönhausen Prison

I lived in Berlin for 6 months in late 2001 / early 2002; since then I feel I have been playing catch up, trying to understand a city that I was too young to fully appreciate when I lived there. Perhaps I should rephrase: I reasons I enjoyed my time […]

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Gleis 17, Grunewald

A small memorial to the Jews deported from Grunewald railway station in Berlin to the concentration camps in World War II. Each part of the platform lists a different chilling deportation. Here someone had put some candles in the shape of the Star of David on one part of the […]

U8 Rosenthaler Platz
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Too young for Berlin

I’ve always had regrets about the months between October 2001 and March 2002 I spent in Berlin. First and foremost is that I did not manage to stay there longer. Second, that I really did not make close to the most of the – admittedly meagre – job opportunities I […]