First up, Germany’s new European Commissioner Günter Oettinger. He says in German that English is vital for German people to speak, and then he goes on to speak absolutely dire English:

This terrible, terrible song was put out by the youth of the UMP, the party of Nicolas Sarkozy, featuring dodgy appearances from (among others) Rachida Dati and Christine Lagarde. And yes, this was official. Excruciating… You even have subtitles so you can sing along and change the world!

It even prompted a piss take on the floor of the National Assembly in France!


  1. I thought that the Genevan Greens reached the bottom (see, but you can do worse.

  2. there are some more over here:
    good piece by Cafebabel

  3. french derek

    Jon: these had me rolling on the floor. There was a BBC “From our own correspondent” pice I read recently commenting on how French “culture” is something that maybe only the French can appreciate. The French probably love this video!

    As for Otto, well at least he tries. Which is more than can be said for Lady Ashton in her EU speeches.

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