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Times leader about the EP – lacklustre and facile

How can a newspaper that is supposed to have a serious and sensible reputation write such complete such a rubbish leader? Well, of course it’s one about the EU – a topic that is clearly too complex for the dim-wits to understand. The article in question is a leader from […]

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MEP fraud allegations: critique gaining credibility

So apparently MEPs are on the make. Well, that’s according to Chris Davies, Lib Dem MEP for the North West. Some bloggers follow up in a similar vein: Matt Wardman, Norfolk Blogger, and there’s a less pro-Davies line from The Yorkshire Guidon. What should be made of all of this? […]

Alisher, Craig, Boris, Tom, someone typing and Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium
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Alisher, Craig, Boris, Tom, the bloggers and Arsenal

What do you do when an Uzbek businessman with a questionable background (Alisher Usmanov) wants to take over a UK football club (Arsenal)? Well, as a start you put together an opposition alliance comprising a dissident former British Ambassador to Tashkent, a few hundred bloggers, and a UKIP MEP in […]

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Poettering around the issue

I’m a bit slow on the uptake – I had not until today really noticed the inaugural speech that was made by new European Parliament President Hans-Gert Poettering. See the EP’s News Service about it here. That’s probably because his speech was notable for the things he did say, rather […]

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Josep Borrell is a prat

President of the European Parliament Josep Borrell, when talking about the Strasbourg seat of the European Parliament, last week stated that the “historic dimension [of Strasbourg] cannot be perceived in the same way in ‘some Nordic country’ which did not participate in WWII” (news story from EUObserver here). What a […]

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Commission Concours support forum

I must admit that I have been astounded by the amount of people that have found this blog thanks to searches for matters relating to the European Commission concours. My original post about the issue has – by 25th September – amassed no fewer than 47 comments! It seems that […]
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Wahey! 1 million for

Excellent news today – has passed the 1 million signature barrier! This will not have a direct impact straight away, but it will at least act as a decent tool in the armoury of those that are calling for the abolishment of the Strasbourg seat of the European Parliament. […]
EU Politics – target is close, so SIGN!

The online petition calling for one seat for the European Parliament – – has now passed 900000 signatures. It’s an excellent initiative to call for the ending of the wasteful monthly trips of the European Parliament to Strasbourg. Anyone in favour of an effective European Parliament and value for […]