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Glorious Britain? Don’t think so

I am on my way out of London for a fortnight. I have been looking forward to this escape so much, and my determination to get away has been hugely amplified by the total mess that is Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3 on a Friday afternoon. It is beyond me how […]

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The NHS – almost too swift?

I wrote about my first experiences of the NHS in Lambeth / Clapham in a post a little while ago. Referral to the minor surgery clinic in Grantham Road, Stockwell, took a little more than a week to sort out, and getting the appointment made was very swift.

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Fear on the Tube

It’s quite a horrid place at the best of times, but travel on the London Underground has become really more fraught than ever now. This article from BBC News Online is an excellent summary of how people are feeling, and how odd the situation can become. I have a particular […]

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British obsessions: plastic bags

I think UK supermarkets must be almost unique in Europe – they try to give you extra free plastic bags for your shopping, even when you don’t want them! In the rest of Europe, the situation is the opposite. The state needs to do something about it. I was behind […]

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The frustrations of summer skating

Feeling a bit athletic and having a free weekend in London, I decided it might be a nice idea to go for a skate. Problem is that skating in London is really restricted and I wonder what could be done to improve it.


We’re up and running! [UPDATED, 21.07.2005]

Am I too late jumping on the blogging band-waggon? Or have I been missing out? The software is installed (the blog even now has its second design revision – already!), the technology is all set up, and I have even tried a bit of blogging (of sorts) on the website […]

EU Politics

Balkenende tries to save face in The Guardian

Jan Peter Balkende has decided that the way to address the fact that he is deeply unpopular in the Netherlands, and even more unpopular in the rest of the EU because he presides over a country that rejected the Constitution, is to write an article in The Guardian. The full […]