I am leaving London on Wednesday, heading for my yearly late-summer visit to the island of Ventotene. This will be the 6th time I’ll be going to the island, and the last time I’ll be there with any formal JEF responsibility. But it’s always a pleasure to spend time on the volcanic rock in the Mediterranean to which much of European federalism can trace its roots. Ventotene has also just been hit by a minor earthquake!

Last time I was in Ventotene, the best internet connection was a telephone line at the school, or an ‘internet point’ on the way from the port – also just via a telephone line. I imagine that DSL is not really viable 30km off the coast, although I suppose that satellite-internet would work there. Anyway, I’ll try to blog from the island and will post photos on my return, hopefully after a week of sunshine and interesting political discussions.

Having been a speaker there for the last 3 years, it’s quite infuriating to not be on the programme this year. No comments on why. But it might mean I am quite free to say some radical things… 🙂

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