If something goes wrong when taking trains cross border in the EU, passengers can often be left footing a large bill.

For example on 21 January 2020 I had to pay €100 for a new Torino-Milano ticket in Italy because of a major delay to a TGV train in France hours earlier. This happens because it is often impossible to book through rail tickets (my Paris – Genève train was delayed, meaning I missed my Milano-Roma train operated by a different firm, and I had two tickets because booking a through ticket was impossible).

In the absence of through ticketing between each and every destination, on every rail company, across the EU, there is only one way to solve this: a universal right to get on the next train in the case of disruption, regardless of who operates the service. And, in the case of having to book multiple tickets, a guarantee overnight accommodation will be provided for free if necessary.

So how do we make politicians listen?

On 28 January 2020, politicians from the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union will meet in a so-called Trialogue to hammer out a compromise on the new Regulation on rail passengers’ rights and obligations. The danger is that nothing is going to be done about this situation, and those of us choosing the green way to travel – by train – can be left with a nasty surprise.

So what’s this form for?

Fill in the fields below, and the form will generate a spoof invoice PDF that will be sent to the Brussels politician of your choice, allowing you to “bill” the EU for the extra you had to pay because EU passenger rights are so inadequate just now. Please tell your story honestly and fairly – it’s important to tell real stories and document the nasty surprises we rail travellers face.


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