UPDATE 14.30 – the original video, as I suspected, has been pulled from Youtube (it was here). As I stated in my blog post at 10.08 this morning, I downloaded the video before it was removed, and hence can show it for you here.

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Watch this. But probably not in the office. It’s a video on the official Youtube channel of Flemish MEP Ivo Belet. His channel is here, and the channel is linked from the footer of his official website. The woman is speaking a slavic language (can someone identify which language?) and the subtitles are in Dutch – translated as follows:

Hello darlings!

I have been asked to make a commercial for the European Parliament elections

That’s hard!

Luckily I have a little idea!

This is especially for you!

This is just unacceptable. Full stop.

I’ve downloaded a copy of the video, just in case it gets removed from Youtube, so a record is kept that a MEP was campaigning in such a way.

[UPDATE – 14.40] As he points out in the comments, I’ve forgotten to point out here that it was Craig Willy who managed to dig up this video in the first place. Apologies for not crediting you earlier, Craig!


  1. Global City

    The EU’s fixation with their symbols etc is truly creepy. Why did they feel the need to put their stars and colours on the girl’s hairband and dress?

    You see it draped, in EXACTLY the same way that they did with the swastika in Nazi Germany, absolutely everywhere.

    You may have not noticed until now, but just look. On tables, on chairs, on fixtures and fittings throughout every Brussels building. |on billboards along the streets, on every pamphlet…everywhere…SCARY.

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