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Dedicated to Ai Weiwei

Nauseating posters such as this one: adorn airports worldwide. They are part of the “Britain is GREAT” campaign. The website even states “Welcome to GREAT Britain”. Well, not if you’re Ai Weiwei. A state visit for the Chinese PM is more important than a visa for the dissident artist. So […]

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Scotland: Why independence after 300 years?

NOTE: this is a piece commissioned by the Norwegian online magazine Vox Publica, and was translated into Norwegian for that purpose. The Norwegian version can be found here: Skottland: Hvorfor uavhengighet etter 300 år? The English original is here with permission from Vox Pubica, but – unlike other posts on […]

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Why I’m in favour of an independent Scotland

At the end of the televised Salmond-Darling debate I tweeted the following: The basic #indyref Q is this: will Scotland be better governed from Edinburgh or London? IMHO: Edinburgh. So #VoteYes. #ScotDecides — Jon Worth (@jonworth) August 5, 2014 With 77 retweets so far, it seems to have struck a chord […]