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A theory of Brussels flat rental prices

I was asked a tricky question today after work: if Brussels is the capital of Europe, and lots of people are moving there, why are flat rental low in comparison to other western European capitals? Here’s a wild guess of an answer… Just like anything else in Belgium, this must […]

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NationStates: Cheese Exports

The game Nationstates that I mentioned here a few days ago is getting more and more bizarre. The main industry in Ventotenesis, my country, is the pizza delivery industry but they were on strike. So, with the future of the country at stake, what should I do? For the hell […]

Douste Blazy
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They messed up the Constitution. Now enlargement too?

First it was the European Constitution, rejected because France could not get its act together. Now it seems like enlargement is likely to meet a similar fate, with French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy refusing to grant the Republic of Macedonia candidate status – see this article. Blazy’s reason: because the […]

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Bäst i världen: The BBC?

Continuing their series about Sweden, BBC News Online has published a new article about Swedish public health. Read it here. This article is more detailed than the other ones they have posted on the website. It looks in depth about how the decentralised nature of Swedish healthcare might be better […]

Euro kick
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More budget hypocrisy from the Brits

Facing the possibility that no budget deal will be agreed at the European Council 15-16 December, the UK Presidency has woken up to the fact that the European Parliament should also agree to any deal. The response – complaining about their democratic mandate! From this article from EUObserver: "Own resources […]

EPP star leaving
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First test for Cameron: Europe [Updated, 08.12.2005]

The dust has barely settled after his leadership victory and David Cameron has already walked into a storm on that old issue that has blighted the Tories for so long: Europe. Prior to his victory, Cameron had pledged to withdraw the Tory MEPs from the European People’s Party / European […]

UK and Swedish Leaders
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Sweden and the UK – tired leaders and new upstarts?

An entry at Eric Sundstr√∂m’s blog started me thinking about the comparisons between the leaders of the UK’s two main parties now David Cameron has taken over as leader of the Tories, and the situation in Sweden where Fredrik Reinfeldt is up against Goran Persson. Other than giving the opportunity […]

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Inspiration from Sweden

I think there is some common theme emerging on this blog… The more I get concerned about issues in the UK, the more I look elsewhere, and especially to Sweden, for optimism! The good news from yesterday is that Maryam Yazdanfar (pictured) was selected at position number 10 on the […]