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EU Politics

What is Matthew Karnitschnig’s problem?

Back on Sunday I wrote this tweet about François Fillon winning the first round of the centre right primary in France: Then, out of the blue and without asking me anything, four days later I get this: “unabashedly anti-Catholic” Karnitschnig says some Greens are (as if I, one member with […]

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A conversation about Brexit

“So what does Brexit mean?” “It means Britain will leave the EU.” “Is that it?” “Essentially yes. The referendum asked the British people whether they wanted to Remain in the EU or Leave the EU. A majority said they wanted to Leave.” (have a look at the ballot paper here) […]

EU Politics

Salami slicing TTIP

Oh TTIP. That great hope to rescue the transatlantic alliance. Or that scary fear of deregulation. Or both. Or neither? Juncker is worried, apparently. The Commission is putting pressure on the USA, supposedly. New Austrian President Van Der Bellen says he is against it. Merkel and Obama say they are […]