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Lessons from Atheist Bus for the Gay Bus dispute

Stonewall has been running an excellent campaign on 1000 buses with the slogan “Some people are gay. Get over it!” So – surprise, surprise – some bigots decided to run a counter campaign on 25 buses with the slogan “Not gay! Ex-gay, post-gay and proud. Get over it!” Only Boris […]


Atheist Bus – why did it work?

Here are some slides I have put together explaining why the atheist bus campaign worked. Feel free to use the slides and the lessons, providing you credit accordingly (CC / Attribution license). Atheist Bus Campaign View more presentations from jonworth.

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The atheist bus campaign is BACK

Back in the summer it was a fun idea from Ariane Sherine in The Guardian, a Photoshop mockup, and a Pledgebank page. Then just before the pledge expired it started to get a bit big, with Matthew Parris writing about the effort to get ads on the buses in his […]

Atheist Bus
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More on the atheist bus ‘campaign’

The campaign is BACK and bigger and better than before – visit the site here! OK, so the Atheist Bus pledge at Pledge Bank has expired, and 877 people promised they would give £5 to put an atheist ad on a London Bus. We were 3801 short. But hang on. […]

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Atheist bus campaign starts to roll

Back on 20th June I posted a short entry about how an atheist ad on a bus would be a fun idea, after an initial Comment is Free article by Ariane Sherine. I made a mockup in Photoshop of how the bus might look, and made a pledge on Pledgebank […]


Vote Leave Bus Meme Generator #TakeControl

Years ago when I ran the Atheist Bus Campaign, a guy I’d never met made a Bus Slogan Generator, so you could see what your slogan would look like on the side of a bus. But what about that other, rather more famous and more controversial bus, the one that […]


Only the law can properly decide Twitter abuse cases

So here we go again. In response to abuse and threats directed at Caroline Criado-Perez it’s people like @bmitchellwrites saying it’s “Time for Twitter to stand up for women abused online”. Some of his words: It’s about time big organisations acknowledged their responsibility and yes, a duty of care, to […]